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taking little ones to movie theaters

Taking little ones to see the latest children's movies in theaters can be stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun. How do you prepare your little one for over an hour sitting in a dark, noisy theater for a movie that they just might love? Is there anything you should take with you? Are there foods you should be prepared to buy at the concession stand? How do you prevent those runs to the restroom during the best parts of the movie? Visit through my blog to find out how our family has successfully taken our little ones to enjoy the awesome new releases in theaters.


taking little ones to movie theaters

Why Watch A Stand-Up Comedy Documentary?

by Tony Larson

If you are looking for something new to entertain you and your partner tonight, look no further than a stand-up comedy documentary. With everything going on with COVID-19, the world needs more stand-up comedy. Since people cannot go see shows right now, many comedians are putting out documentaries so that they can still gain traction among people. Here are a few reasons a stand-up documentary may be exactly what you are looking for.

You've Got The Power

When you go to a show, you are basically at the mercy of the schedule. However, when you watch a comedy documentary in your own home, you have the power. For example, you could be right in the middle of a hilarious bit, but then one of your kids needs something. Instead of missing potentially the funniest part of the show, you can simply pause the TV and come back to it after you tend to your child. 


With so much going on in the world, many people are struggling with mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Sometimes people just need to escape from all of the problems around them and enjoy a laugh or two. If you find yourself focusing too much on the challenges you may have in your life, maybe you should take a few minutes to escape and watch a comedy documentary. It could be good for your mental and emotional health. 

Options To Suit Your Taste

Since everyone has different tastes as to what they think is funny and appropriate, not every stand-up comedian will be your favorite. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of comedy documentaries available so that you can find one that you will really think is great. For example, imagine that you are trying to watch a comedian with your kids. There are many out there who use foul language or talk about subjects that would be inappropriate for children. However, you may be able to find another one that has more family-appropriate content. Sometimes even kids need a chance to get their giggles out by watching some appropriate content. 

In conclusion, there has never been a better time to watch a stand-up comedy documentary than now. Instead of getting bogged down by the challenges that are currently plaguing the world, relax a bit, and enjoy a few laughs with your friends or family. You will be so glad you did. 

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