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taking little ones to movie theaters

Taking little ones to see the latest children's movies in theaters can be stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun. How do you prepare your little one for over an hour sitting in a dark, noisy theater for a movie that they just might love? Is there anything you should take with you? Are there foods you should be prepared to buy at the concession stand? How do you prevent those runs to the restroom during the best parts of the movie? Visit through my blog to find out how our family has successfully taken our little ones to enjoy the awesome new releases in theaters.


taking little ones to movie theaters

Making Your Own Music Video

by Tony Larson

If you are in a band and you are starting to become popular in the music industry, you may want to think about making a music video to help promote the band. With the use of social media and video websites, your video can be viewed by several people who would otherwise not have known about your band. This will help escalate the number of people listening to your music, making you more popular as a result. Here are some of the steps you will need to do to make a successful music video of your own.

Select The Right Song

When making a music video, you will want to highlight one of your band's favorite songs. Take a vote with the rest of your band members in selecting a song you believe can become a hit. The video production process will be a lot more exciting if all the band members enjoy the material they will be playing when making the video. Often a new band will try making their own video and incorporate talking in the beginning of their video or in the middle of the song. Try to avoid this so your fans will be drawn into lyrics of the song instead and to provide your watchers with uninterrupted music to enjoy.

Pick A Video Producer

A video production service will help you think of a concept to use for your video, will film the material you are going to use, and will edit it to provide a finished product. Picking a video production agency is one of the most important parts of your music video process if you wish to have a professional video in the end. Listen to the suggestions your producer has in filming a successful video, as they have experience that will make a difference with the quality of sound, video, and storyline that your video will portray. 

Decide On Props

The costumes and props used in your music video will help in letting watchers use their imagination when listening to your song. Your video production service will help throw out ideas that will work well in gaining attention without making your band look foolish. You may want to stick with a music video that focuses on the band itself in their regular setting. Props for this type of video would not be as extensive. If you decide you want to have a story told while your band plays the music off-camera, you may need to hire actors and actresses to help get your point across.